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If you are looking to make your next event really memorable, then you have come to the right place! Adam Bell specializes in a unique form of entertainment, close up magic.

This is basically miracles done right under your nose,using ordinary every day items such as coins, playing cards, finger rings, keys, etc.

There's no stage, no set up,no fuss,no stooges and definitely no rabbits…..
Just super visual magic expertly performed inches away from your face!
Adam's easy going charm, humour, and laid back style all combine to break the ice, and enhance, but not overshadow, your special occasion, giving your guests an experience they will talk about and remember for a long time.

There is sometimes a stereotypical image of a magician as someone in a gaudy jacket with a frilly shirt underneath,pulling coloured handkerchiefs out of a brightly coloured magic box.....

Rest assured there is no such nonsense here.

Adam,as a quality close up magician,may make 3 coins fly invisibly from hand to hand,your signed card may appear in his wallet,your wedding ring may vanish and appear attached to his car keys......

Using sleight of hand techniques mastered over many years ensures there is no need for "trick boxes" and Adam can perform memorable,powerful (but fun) magic that would not be out of place at even the most sophisticated and fashionable black tie events. Nothing "naff" here.

Please check the testimonials page, for genuine,unaltered feedback on his close up magic.

Adam has £2 million public liability insurance. Book with complete confidence.

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